Use One Word or Single Name On Facebook Account 2024

Using one word or single name on your Facebook account/profile is very smart and interesting. Most users want to use their FB account name in a single word.

Though, Facebook is not offering to use a single name for all users. But it can be possible to change a single-word name on a Facebook account profile for those who have no option to use a one-word name.

However, for this, you have to apply a simple trick. So here we are going to share how to do Facebook single name.

Use One Word or Single Name On Facebook Account

What is Facebook?

Facebook is a social networking point that makes it easy to connect and share with family and friends online. Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook in 2004 while attending Harvard University. By 2006, anyone over the age of 13 could join Facebook with a valid mailing address. Right now, Facebook is the world’s largest social network, with more than 1 billion users worldwide

Facebook Single Name Account Strategy

We all know that Facebook has First Name and Last Name options for updating or changing names. So, if we try to change our name with only the first name field, it shows the last name must be required.

But we can see many FB users using a single name. How? We can not do it. So sad!

However, Facebook wants everyone to use their real name so that their relatives and friends can easily detect them. Generally, every man/woman has a two-word name or more. In this case, Facebook’s requirement is to use the full name with first & last name.

Except this, Facebook gives the option to use one word & single name someone.

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Why Does FB Allow Someone To Use A Single Name & Not Someone Else?

The culture & names are not same for all country. In some countries, people use short names, while in some countries people have big names.

In most countries, surnames are associated with people’s names. That means those people use their names in two words.

In this case, use their nickname for the first name and their family name for the last name. Example – Lionel Messi and his son Thiago Messi.

Since Facebook is a very popular online social media, in their rules, Facebook has options for first name, middle name, and last name considering all (all countries) people in the account name.

But in this case, the middle name is not mandatory. However, it is mandatory to give first name and last name on Facebook. As if they can know or find each other very easily on Facebook.

But Facebook also allows using only a single name or only a first name. But it is not for users in all countries. This privilege is given only to those countries whose people’s names consist of only one word.

And one such country is Indonesia. In fact, some ethnic groups in Indonesia have no last name at all, or they don’t use last names at all. So Facebook only allows Indonesians to create accounts without using their last names. If you want to keep your Facebook account name in just one word then you have to do it in Indonesian.

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How To Put Only First Name To Facebook ID In One Word?

I am 100% sure of using only my first name (Asif) on Facebook myself. So if you want to make your ID name one word then you need to know about this method first.

We already know that only Indonesians can use a single name on Facebook. But you are not Indonesian, so how can you claim yourself as an Indonesian on Facebook?

Now you may be wondering if you need an Indonesian identity card for this. Or need to make a fake ID card?

No need to worry about anything like this. Because you don’t have to submit any documents on Facebook.

In the case of using a single-word name on Facebook, you only need to change your location to Indonesia and your language on Facebook to Indonesia.

You can easily change the language in Facebook settings, but wondering how to change your location to Indonesia. All these methods are discussed below, keep reading the complete texts in sequence.

We know that Facebook does not allow changing the name of an account within 60 days of changing it. So, this trick will only work for those Facebook accounts that haven’t changed their name in the last 60 days. Also, accounts that have not initially verified their current name on Facebook.

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How To Connect Your Location As Indonesia?

Changing your location means changing your Internet IP location to Indonesia. You don’t need to go to Indonesia for this.

For this, you can use different free VPNs which can be used on both mobile and computer. You can also set your location to Indonesia by setting free Indonesia IP-port in your browser.

If you are a mobile user, install “Indonesian VPN” from Play Store. Then connect it to your phone. Only then will your phone’s internet location become Indonesia. Then open Facebook and do the rest.

If you want to log in to your Facebook from a computer or laptop, use the Indonesian IP-port settings according to the browser settings rules.

Go to this link and select Indonesia as the country and HTTPS as the Proxy protocol to get the free IP-port list. For speed, use the lower ms and the HTTPS IP-ports marked in green. If one doesn’t work, try another. [Some free proxy ip-port sites: ProxyNova, HideMyAss]

Mozilla Firefox Proxy Settings

  • First, go to your Mozilla Firefox browser settings.
  • Then open Network Settings in General Settings.
  • Then, select the Manual proxy configuration option and enter IP in HTTP Proxy, enter the port number in place of Port, and click OK.
  • Mozilla Firefox Indonesian Proxy Settings
  • If that IP-port is working then you will be able to visit all websites in that browser. But if a website doesn’t load or works very slowly then you need to change the proxy IP-port and try again.
  • When the proxy is finished, select the Use system proxy settings option again and click OK, then the Internet connection of your own country will start to be used.

Google Chrome Proxy Settings

  • First, go to your Chrome browser’s settings and open the system menu.
  • Then click on Open your computer’s proxy settings.
  • Then your computer’s default proxy settings will open. Save there with Indonesia IP-port.
  • Google Chrome Indonesian Proxy Settings
  • If the proxy IP-port is working then you can browse other websites including Facebook as Indonesian. And if it doesn’t work then try using another IP-port.
  • After the work is done, repeat the setting as before. That is, turn off the option to use it as a proxy server.

Has the Indonesian proxy setting in your browser been completed? Now it’s time to change your Facebook language and create Facebook profile with a single name.

Remove Last Name Or Use Only First Name On Facebook

After changing the language to Indonesian by logging into Facebook using an Indonesian proxy, only changing the name with the first name will work.

Note that when using a one-word name on Facebook, you must use the correct name. If you use a fake name or phrase, then, for any reason, you may face account problems if Facebook verifies your identity. However, Facebook account will be fixed only after submitting your ID card.

Use Only First Name On Facebook

But if you change your own language on Facebook, you won’t know which settings are which. So we are giving you some simple tricks to make your name a one-word name very easily.

  • First, open the settings page from the basic mobile Facebook version. Mbasic Facebook opens very quickly. And if you use a proxy, it usually takes a long time to open the page. For this reason, if you use the light version of Facebook, the page will open quickly. Link:
  • Now open the Personal and Account information and Language and Region settings page in two new windows.
  • Then open the name change page in your current language and mark the first name box.
  • Then, open the language settings page and select Bahasa Indonesia.
  • Now reload the previously opened name change page and enter your one-word name in the first name field and click on the Review Change (blue) button.
  • Hopefully, your Facebook profile name has become a one-word name/single name/first name only.
  • Now again change your previous Facebook language and your IP proxy address setting.

Did it work? From now you enjoy a single-name Facebook profile.

The Final Word

Hope you have managed to change your Facebook ID name to a one-word name. Have you had any problems changing a one-word name as a first name? Or have you done this trick easily by reading our article? Share your experience with us through comments.

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