Mobile Legends Adventure Codes (December 2023) Regular Update

Are you a Mobile Legends Adventure player and looking for 100% working redeem codes for diamonds, passes, coins, equipment, skins, kit, power, etc? Here you can get regular updates on Mobile Legends Adventure codes especially for December 2023. By using Mobile Legends Adventure redeem codes you can get many rewards and also make your heroes and team stronger. So, to get Mobile Legends Adventure codes, read this article in full.

Mobile Legends: Adventure

Mobile Legends Adventure is a popular mobile adventure game. In the game, players embark on an adventure in the Land of Dawn. In this adventure, players face different enemies and challenges.

That’s why players have to combine powerful heroes to form a team. However, in an adventure game, it is not easy to make a team of the desired abilities. In this case, different levels and achievements have to be achieved little by little every day.

While Mobile Legends Adventure lets you upgrade heroes or various equipment by spending money and buying rewards or diamonds or coins. However, most players are not interested in spending money. So, as each level is passed, different weapons and gear, skills and abilities, different skins, kits, vehicles, etc. have to be acquired. This is the natural way to level up in Mobile Legends Adventure game, but slow process.

How to Get Mobile Legends Adventure Rewards

We know that Mobile Legends Adventure game is a challenging game. And so it has to face different types of enemies in different stages. This includes minions, bosses, groups of other players, and even AI-based enemies. Heroes need different skills and abilities to strategically defeat their opponents in these turn-based battles.

Players have to acquire gameplay features to gain different abilities and skills of heroes. All players can easily get Mobile Legends Adventure gameplay features by playing in certain places or stages.

As such, it includes the Tower of Babel, where players can challenge increasingly difficult floors to earn rewards. Again, players can find valuable resources and equipment in maze-like dungeons.

In addition, the game also features a guild system, which allows players to join or create their own guilds. In this case, the guild members can also cooperate to complete guild quests, participate in guild battles, and unlock exclusive rewards.

Mobile Legends Adventure Free Rewards

Mobile Legends Adventure allows players to receive rewards for free. That’s why they often release Mobile Legends Adventure Redeem Codes.

Use those redeem codes to get free diamonds, in-game skins, kits, special equipment, etc. in Mobile Legends Adventure game. So use Mobile Legends Adventure Codes daily to get all rewards for free.

Mobile Legends Adventure Codes

Mobile Legends Adventure Redeem Codes are released regularly based on various occasions, events, and developer promotions. So whenever a new Mobile Legends Adventure code comes out we update it here. So you will get here the latest code of Mobile Legends Adventure.

Note that we provide here all active (working) codes as well as expired codes. Because Mobile Legends Adventure’s old code also works sometimes. But finally, to understand whether a new code has become old, we keep the information on the expired codes here. Please let us know if any code does not work while using it. So let’s see Mobile Legends Adventure active (working) codes as of 2 December 2023.

Mobile Legends Adventure Active & Working Codes

  • YSRFNS222AD – Diamonds and Rewards (New)
  • 888888 – Diamonds and Rewards
  • VS5X65 – Diamonds and Rewards

Mobile Legends Adventure Expired Codes

  • T4XFXT – Diamonds and Rewards
  • 5PNU6H – Diamonds and Rewards
  • 7YEKK3 – Diamonds and Rewards
  • MA7TT82229X – Diamonds and Rewards
  • NEWERA8888 – Diamonds and Rewards
  • PX5AW52229Y – Diamonds and Rewards
  • YG7ZZZ – Diamonds and Rewards
  • 6DDZTC – Diamonds and Rewards
  • NEWERA8888 – Diamonds and Rewards
  • NEWERA0519 – x500 Diamonds and x1000 Sign of Stars
  • JCCFR7 – Diamonds and Rewards
  • NSZTTX – Diamonds and Rewards
  • W3P758 – Diamonds and Rewards
  • TLPRAH – Diamonds and Rewards
  • GGYTYE – Diamonds and Rewards
  • BUDP4A2229D – 1k Diamonds, 500 Advance Essence, and 10 Premium Scrolls
  • VQGDWP2229E – 500 Diamonds
  • CK3VEF2228D – 1k Diamonds and 20 Scrolls
  • KQY7LX – 500 Diamonds
  • KP38NH2228F – 500 Diamonds
  • RJYCD3 – 500 Diamonds
  • NEWERA0429 – 500 Diamonds
  • CUNZJZ22274 – in-game rewards
  • TNEEY822275 – in-game rewards
  • 8TKYE8 – in-game rewards
  • CARNIVAL – in-game rewards
  • 6OQGJ7 – in-game rewards
  • 8TKYE8 – in-game rewards
  • TNEEY822275 – in-game rewards
  • MBZHQ5 – in-game rewards
  • HJPHU222277 – in-game rewards
  • TNEEY822275 – in-game rewards
  • CUNZJZ22274 – in-game rewards
  • SZYP34 – in-game rewards
  • DPW4TB – in-game rewards
  • KB7LF7 – in-game rewards
  • TBBVUA – in-game rewards
  • xmasfun689 – in-game rewards (some report it works for them as XMASFUN689)
  • CGUNBA22264 – in-game rewards
  • BFU77C22263 – in-game rewards
  • 5TS2JD22262 – in-game rewards
  • DKMEQF2225W – in-game rewards
  • MLAXMPL – in-game rewards
  • MLAISLIT – in-game rewards
  • MLAISFIRE – in-game rewards
  • 888888 – in-game rewards
  • 888888 – in-game rewards
  • 5WYYQZ—Third Bubble Spell – in-game rewards
  • SUMMER777 – in-game rewards
  • XSGXZJ—Second Bubble Spell – in-game rewards
  • HOTMLA—First Bubble Spell – in-game rewards
  • U6PTKZ2224V – in-game rewards
  • R3Z428— Mirage 4th Chest Code –  500 Diamonds and 3 Summon Tickets
  • 00NATAN00 – 500 Diamonds
  • AKAKURO77 – 777 Diamonds, 2 Support Tickets, and 7777 Coins
  • MLAFBFAN – 1000 Diamonds
  • VMNFZA22248 – 500 Diamonds
  • MLAIG500K  – in-game rewards
  • MLAXMPL – in-game rewards
  • 888888 – in-game rewards
  • MLA1YEAR – in-game rewards
  • MLAFBGO – in-game rewards
  • MLAISFIRE – in-game rewards
  • MLAISLIT – in-game rewards
  • MLMLA0908 – in-game rewards
  • AU5ZWR2223J – in-game rewards
  • HV4K4V2223K – in-game rewards
  • MLAXMAS – in-game rewards
  • HVXFZM2223Q – in-game rewards
  • MLADISCORD – in-game rewards
  • MLAREDDIT – in-game rewards
  • 8G763N22239 – in-game rewards
  • SUKNBJ2223M – in-game rewards
  • MLAHPBD1 – in-game rewards
  • T6J3GG2223R – in-game rewards
  • EV4UTW2223U – in-game rewards
  • HVXFZM2223Q – in-game rewards
  • 47BWK42223S – in-game rewards
  • MLAIG500K – in-game rewards

MLA Redeem Codes Not Working?

If the Mobile Legends Adventure codes do not work then understand that the code has expired. However, sometimes the Redeem Board may not work due to server issues. So try multiple times while redeeming Mobile Legends Adventure code. And if the Mobile Legends Adventure code doesn’t work, please comment.

How to Redeem Mobile Legends: Adventure Code?

To redeem Mobile Legends Adventure Codes you need to follow certain procedures which are directly connected to your game dashboard.

Redeem Mobile Legends: Adventure Code
Image: Pro Game Guides
  • In this case, you open Mobile Legends Adventurer game from your device
  • Then click on the menu named “Events” from the menu options
  • Now you will see an option called “Notice” Click on it
  • After clicking on the notice, click on “Redeem CD-KEY” on the left side
  • Now use the Mobile Legends: Adventure Codes from our website

If Mobile Legends: Adventure codes are active then you will get rewards.

Get More Mobile Legends: Adventure Codes Via Discord & Twitter

Mobile Legends: Adventure is releasing special codes and offers for a limited time from the game’s official Twitter page and Discord. So, the more people stay connected with the Mobile Legends: Adventure official Twitter page and Discord, the more rewards they can get. Official Facebook, Twitter Page and Discord’s Official Facebook Page, Twitter Page, and Discord Account.

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