70+ Halloween Wishes, SMS, Message & Quotes

Halloween is not just a special day of pumpkin carving, giving or dressing up, and having fun, it is more than that, it is a colorful day. Now not only in different countries in Europe and America but also in several countries of Asia including India and even Bangladesh this festival is celebrated with great joy. On this special day of Halloween, the entire world is lit up with lights and the entire road is dark with Crowds of people. Loved ones give gifts & wish to each other.

On this special day of Halloween, one of the interesting things is carving a pumpkin, decorating the house, lighting, and greeting each other. Basically, this pumpkin is not only haunted, but also people’s clothes, jewelry, and other things.

To make this special day like Halloween much more interesting and beautiful for loved ones. So, to make your loved ones happier and more surprised you can give them various messages and quotes on this Halloween festival.

Today we are going to share with you 70+ surprising and funny messages that you can write to your loved ones and loved ones on Halloween. Through this message, you can surprise them and make them happy in their own words. Let’s not know how the messages, wishes, and quotes can be:

Also, get 35 Halloween statuses.

Halloween Funny Message

Among the festivals, Halloween is a happy and fun day for everyone. So on this day, you can double the fun by sending each other some funny Halloween wishes messages. That’s why we have shared some fun wish messages and sms to send to friends or loved ones on Halloween that can be easily copied and pasted.

 1. “I always hope that this special day of Halloween brings you a life full of ghosts and ghosts.”

 2. “Be the best ghost of Halloween I want everyone to be fascinated by ghosts”.

 3. “May yours be the best of ghosts and you are the best of ghosts”.

 4. “Wishing you a colorful, happy, happy Halloween with your loved ones, your favorite ghost is the closest ghost”.

 5. “Hope you have a great Halloween with your favorite ghosts”.

 6. “You are a single rose among thousands of flowers Oh no sorry, you are the best ghost among a thousand ghosts”.

 7. “May your ghostly days roam around all day and night”.

 8. “I pray on Halloween night Everywhere you turn you see only ghosts and ghosts”.

 9. “I will come to you as a ghost to sweeten this Halloween festival”.

 10. “I’m the King of Ghosts You’re the Queen of Ghosts See you together on Halloween night”.

 11. “I approached as a ghost as a wife Come closer to the wireless match will be together on Halloween night”.

 12. “Wherever I live, near or far, I’ll be a ghost and say Halloween as long as I can”.

 13. “A very happy Halloween my dear sweet ghost”.

 14. “Wherever you go, this ghost shadow will accompany you”.

 15. “Come closer as a ghost Stay away as a wife Let’s go down together and burn the city this Halloween night”.

 16. “Happy Halloween my dear sweet ghost”.

 17. “I want them to walk around me like you today all over town”.

 18. “I wish I were a ghost like you and would come and snap your neck”.

 19. “Today after the of the ghost, he who goes to your door will come with you to see the kingdom of ghosts”.

 20. “Kingdom of ghosts You become the best queen Let the queens of the kingdom sing about you throughout the city”.

Halloween Messages, Wishes & Quotes For Parents (Father & Mother)

Parents are the most important part of our life. Since childhood, we are the center of their happiness in all festivals, especially Halloween. They are happy by keeping us happy and smiling. So, this Halloween as a child can wish parents through cute messages, SMS, or quotes. Therefore, they will be very happy and delighted with it. Because little things to children are big things to parents. So, we shared some special SMS, messages, and quotes to wish your parents on this Halloween.

 1. “Happy Halloween my dear papa. Year by year may this day come in your life, we ​​will spend colorful days together.”

 2. “Happy Halloween my dear mom. You are the best mom ever.”

 3. “I just want to spend my Halloween with my dear parents. Happy Halloween my dear parents.”

 4. “I want this Halloween special My parents are ghosts and be happy.”

 5. “Open the door, parents, your ghost is standing at your door, my parents.”

 6. “Carve pumpkins like Carving pumpkins is how I do Halloween I will organize your life like that.”

 7. “My parents are the best parents in the world and we have the best Halloween ever.”

 8. “I want to spend the rest of my life with you as much fun as you do on Halloween with my parents.”

 9. “Today’s menu will be your favorite and this is my gift on Halloween. Happy Halloween my dear parents.”

 10. “To make today the best day, we all in the family will dress up for Halloween. Happy Halloween parents.”

Halloween Wishes Messages to Wish Wife/Girlfriend

A wife/girlfriend is a man’s closest or dearest. So, every man wants to make his wife or girlfriend happy by greeting her on various occasions. Wives or girlfriends are also very happy with small activities from the loved one. In this case, sending a beautiful Halloween greeting SMS to the wife or girlfriend’s phone can make their face smile and their heart happy. We share some messages, SMS, and quotes to wish wife or girlfriend on this festive occasion of Halloween.

 1. “You are the only queen in the ghost kingdom, my dear sweetie.”

 2. “Today I want to say Happy Halloween my dear soul by pouring out all the love of the ghost kingdom for you.”

 3. “Today we will dress up as ghosts and dance all the way, our Halloween will be happy.”

 4. ” Happy Halloween my dear lovely.”

 5. “As I am by your side in happiness and sorrow, today I come to you as a ghost.”

 6. “Today we will go on a long drive with ghosts and our Halloween will be the best and most memorable and special of all.”

 7. “Let’s decorate the house, Let’s go, Let’s stay together, Let’s go, let’s dance, Let’s sing.  Happy Halloween my dear.”

 8. “On this special day of Halloween, I want you to start everything with a gift for me and end with a gift for me. Happy Halloween my dear.”

9. “Happy Halloween my soulmate. You are the best.”

10. ” Today you only marry me, we will sing all night long We will celebrate our Halloween together.”

11. “This is an opportunity to color our day. This will be the best. Happy Halloween.”

12. “You are the most beloved ghost, the best ghost, so I want to dress up as a ghost with you, my dear.”

Halloween Wishes For Husband Or Boyfriend

Just as women love to receive Halloween wishes from their boyfriends or husbands, men also love to receive Halloween wishes from their girlfriends or wives. Although men are happier when their wives or girlfriends are happy, a little greeting message from wives or girlfriends makes men feel very happy and special. So make your husband or boyfriend happy by wishing him this Halloween. In this case, you can use our shared Halloween Wishes Messages for your Husband or Boyfriend.

 1. “Happy Halloween my dear soulmate.”

 2. “I wish your wife would climb on your neck and snap your neck”

 3. “I am the only queen in the kingdom of your ghost.”

 4. “You are the best ghost ever in my life.”

 5. “You are so sweet ghost-like men, so come to me, close to me, love me very much. My dear ghost. Happy Halloween.”

6. “I want your gift to be the best this Halloween. Looking forward to your gift.”

7. “This Halloween we will go to Long rive together, sing, dance, eat, have fun and celebrate our Happy Halloween.”

8. “Everything’s Happy Because You’re Around. So, Halloween Is So Colorful. Happy Halloween My Colorful Dear Ghost.”

9. “Everything is happy and beautiful you are so this Halloween. You will be next to be beautiful our life will be colorful happy Halloween, my dear.”

10. “Your gift is the best on a special day like Halloween. I will fill it today with your gift. Stay with me all day. Happy Halloween.”

Halloween Wishes For Kids 

1. “Open your eyes and see there is a surprise for you. Happy Halloween my dear kids.”

2. “Today I will hide chocolates all over the house, you will find them and all the chocolates will be of your choice”

3. “Today I bring you your favorite ghost costume and you will eat chocolate all day long”

4. “Today we will sing and dance all night in the street and we will wear ghost dresses together”.

5. “Happy Halloween my dear kid”.

Halloween Wishes for Brothers, Sisters & Friends

1. “Today we will have a lot of fun together, let’s get ready.”

2. “Today we will go on a long drive all day and at night we will all go down the road and go from house to house taking everyone with us.”

3. “Happy Halloween my dear brother/ sister.”

4. ” Happy Halloween my dear lovely friends. “

5. “Today we are all wearing Boo t-shirts saying that we will dance together.”

6. “Today We will carve pumpkins in the shape of our faces and we will all celebrate with it.”

7. “Today, the ghost can knock on any door. All of you get ready.”

8. “Halloween, it’s come, and the ghosts are still coming, look and see thousands of ghosts agree in front of you.”

9. “You live in the realm of ghosts; you will never see ghosts. The ghost will not see, you will see a thousand ghosts in front of you today.”

10. “I have prepared a wonderful gift for you today, are you ready to receive it? If so, let’s celebrate our Happy Halloween together.”

11. “Truly Halloween is a colorful day, paint all the colors in your life, let’s decorate the street together with ghosts and enjoy together.”

12. “I have reserved today for you, let’s all plan something together and then surprise the whole city.”

13. “Today is more special than any other day. Let’s celebrate this day together. Everyone says happy Halloween, my dear.”

14. “Today I made a special card just for you. What will you get? If so, open it and see it’s full of Halloween ghosts.”

15. “Today, bring the color of the whole city, color your street, color your house, color your room. Let’s go for a long drive together, eat together, sing together, and celebrate our Happy Halloween.”

So, friends Let us know how you feel about these special messages, wishes, and quotes for special people.  You can make your loved ones happy and surprised this Halloween with these messages. Stay tuned, Thank you.

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