Days Of Valentine Week 2024 & How To Celebrate 7th to 14th February

Are you very excited about Valentine’s Day? Want to wish and make your loved one happy this Valentine’s Day? Then you can bring a smile to the face of your loved ones by celebrating not only Valentine’s Day but also every day of Valentine’s week.

We can organize various kinds of surprise parties, gifts, and celebrations during Valentine’s week. Upcoming Valentine’s Week 2024 We can make various plans in our minds around this week of love.

In fact, there is no special day to express love. We can express love to our loved ones on any day. But since there are special days in the month of February we can express love consistently. So we can make some special arrangements based on those days.

Not only is February 14 known as Valentine’s Day, but there are different days throughout the week. Which is known as Valentine week. So let’s know about the days of Valentine week and how those days can be celebrated.

We know that the days from the 7th to the 14th of February are Valentine week. Today’s discussion is about which day is the 7th to 14th and how you can celebrate this day with your loved ones.

So, we are going to discuss what you can do to make your loved one happy this Valentine’s week, what kind of gifts you can give on these days, what to do on the days, who you can celebrate with, and all that.

When is Valentine’s Day?

Every year February 14th is celebrated as Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day has a long history. Knowing the exact history of Valentine’s Day will increase our feelings about Valentine’s Day.

As we know, Valentine means love. But who was Valentine? What is the origin or history of this Valentine’s Day? They are steeped in history. We have no idea about that.

Yet our young society has been celebrating 14th February as Valentine’s Day for years. Of course, there can be no better day than this to express love to dear people, loved ones, and close people.

So you can plan how to celebrate Valentine’s Week 2024.

Valentine Week Days

Valentine Day Week


Every year from February 7th to February 14th, different days are observed to express love to loved ones. So this week from 7th to 14th February is known as ‘Valentine Week’ or ‘Love Week’.

Many of us know that February 14th is Valentine’s Day. But many of us don’t know which day and how to celebrate it during this week.

So we will know which are the days of Valentine’s week and how we can celebrate them.

Valentine’s Week Dates and Days at a Glance

Date Day
07 February Rose Day
08 February Propose Day
09 February Chocolate Day
10 February Teddy Day
11 February Promise Day
12 February Hug Day
13 February Kiss Day
14 February Valentine’s Day

Celebrate All Days Of Valentine’s Week

“Valentine’s Week” is a journey full of love. Which is celebrated continuously from 7th to 14th of February with the theme of winning the hearts of loved ones.

In the case of single people, if there is a special loved one proposing to him with rose flowers, after expressing his heart with various gifts such as chocolates, teddies, by promising to be with him for the rest of his life, by hugging and kissing and finally with full love, the Valentine week ends in 7 days.

And for married people, mutual love is enhanced by wishing loved ones on the theme of each day of Valentine’s week.

So let’s take a look at the specialties of each day of Valentine’s week and the ideas to celebrate them.

7th February: Rose Day

Happy Rose Day

7th February is Rose Day. That is, Valentine’s week begins with the exchange of roses.

On this day you can express your love by gifting rose flowers to your special people, loved ones or close friends, and your parents.

Any day you can give rose flowers as an expression of love. But since this day is a special day for giving rose flowers, this day can be celebrated in this way.

8th February: Propose Day

Happy Propose Day

February 8 is the second day of Valentine’s week and is Propose Day. On this day you can make any proposal to someone by telling your mind.

If you are hesitant to propose to many people on any day of the year, then propose on this day.

Because this day is a special day for you to propose and by making it a special day, the chances of getting the consent of the one you propose to will be much higher.

9th February: Chocolate Day

Happy Chocolate Day

The third day of Valentine’s week is Chocolate Day or Chocolate Day. Chocolate is a favorite food of more or less everyone. So, on this day you can make your loved ones, close people, friends and small children of your own house, and neighborhood children happy with chocolate gifts.

10th February: Teddy Day

Happy Teddy Day

Teddy Day is celebrated on the 10th of February. On this day you can gift a teddy to your dear friend, your younger sister or if you have a small child at home. You can gift teddy on any day but since this is a special day for gifting teddies, so on this day you can surprise your loved one with cute teddy.

11th February: Promise Day

Happy Promise Day

February 11 is observed as Promise Day during Valentine’s week. On this day, try to keep the words you give to your close friend or loved one. Make promises that you can keep in the future. This is how your valentine week promise day will be successful.

12th February: Kiss Day

Happy Kiss Day

Valentine’s week is celebrated on 12th February as Kiss Day. By kissing this day you can spend some happy and sweet time with your dear wife or dear people. Since it is a special day of love week, celebrate the day in your own way.

13th February: Hug Day

Happy Hug Day

The sixth day of Valentine’s week, February 13 is Hug Day. On this day you express your love to share all the sorrows, joys, happiness, and pains of your heart with dear people, dear friends, parents, or wife, hug them and share your inner feelings with them.

14th February: Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine's Day

The last day of Valentine’s week, February 14th is Valentine’s Day. Especially this day is very special for lovers and even husband and wife. On such a day of expressing love, be sure to indulge yourself and share it with the people you love.

Tips To Celebrate (07th-14th February) Days Of Valentine’s Week

From the 7th to the 14th of February you can definitely celebrate the special days with your loved ones. Can arrange parties with your friends, Family, or loved ones can plan outings with your mother, father, brother, sister, husband, or wife and spend some special time.

Maybe other days don’t spend much time, so definitely you can organize something special on these special days. If you have a girlfriend or if you have a boyfriend, you can plan a lot of things for them around these days.

You can implement your plans. You can spend your time side by side with roses on rose day, chocolate on chocolate day, and teddy on teddy day.

You can send Valentine’s SMS to your loved ones at the very beginning of the day. Make this special love week more joyful and special as you wish.


There is no specific day of the year to keep loved ones well. You can make their day much more joyful by gifting them various gifts. But nowadays this Valentine’s week celebration has become a trend.

There is nothing wrong with that. Rather, many cannot plan much due to a lack of time. Let them use these special days to bring their love forward. Celebrate your Valentine’s week.

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